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Next Steps

Following Jesus

Are you considering the transformative power of accepting Jesus into your life? As Christians (and Methodists), we I believe that accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior brings immense joy, peace, and purpose to our lives.

Jesus offers us a path to salvation, forgiveness, and eternal life. His teachings inspire us to love one another, show compassion, and seek justice. Through his sacrifice, we are given the opportunity to experience a deep and personal relationship with God.

Accepting Jesus is not just about attending church services or following rituals. It’s about opening our hearts to His love and grace, and allowing Him to guide us in every aspect of our lives. It’s about finding hope in times of despair, strength in times of weakness, and comfort in times of sorrow.

When we accept Jesus, we become part of a loving and supportive community of believers. We join a family that encourages us to grow spiritually, serve others, and make a positive impact in the world. Together, we can strive to live out the values of compassion, justice, and inclusivity that Jesus taught.

If you feel a stirring in your heart, a longing for something more, I invite you to explore the possibility of accepting Jesus into your life. Take a moment to reflect on His teachings, pray for guidance, and seek the support of a local church community. We will welcome you with open arms and provide a nurturing environment for your spiritual journey.

Remember, accepting Jesus is a personal decision, and it’s never too late to start. He is always ready to embrace us, no matter our past or present circumstances. May you find peace, joy, and fulfillment as you embark on this incredible journey of faith.

Getting Baptized

Are you considering the truly transformative experience or baptism? Baptism is a sacred and meaningful act that holds deep significance in the Methodist tradition. As Methodists, we believe that baptism is a powerful symbol of our faith and a public declaration of our commitment to follow Jesus Christ. It is a beautiful opportunity to experience God’s grace, forgiveness, and the renewal of our spirits. Baptism is a symbolic representation of dying to our old selves and being raised to new life in Christ. Through the waters of baptism, we are cleansed of our sins and welcomed into the family of believers. Being baptized not only connects us to the rich heritage of the Christian faith but also signifies our willingness to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. As you consider this,  we encourage you to reflect on your own spiritual journey and the desire to deepen your relationship with God. Talk to your pastor or church member , who will be more than happy to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. They will provide the necessary support and help you prepare for this significant milestone in your faith walk. Whether you are new to the faith or have been on this journey for a while, baptism is a beautiful and meaningful way to publicly declare your commitment to Christ.

Start Serving

As we grow in our faith and deepen our relationship with God, we are called to serve one another and the world around us. Serving is not just a duty or obligation; it is a joyful response to God’s love and grace. It is an opportunity to make a positive impact, to share our unique gifts, and to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. Therefore, we extend a heartfelt invitation to all our new church members to consider stepping into a serving role. There are countless ways to get involved and contribute your time, talents, and passions. Whether it’s through volunteering in our ministries, joining a community outreach program, or participating in worship services, your involvement will make a difference. Serving in the church is not about perfection or having all the answers. It’s about a willingness to learn, grow, and support one another on this journey of faith. It’s about building relationships, fostering unity, and creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and loved. Together, we can create a vibrant and thriving community that reflects God’s love to the world.

To find out more about opportunities to serve, we invite you to download our App [link] and go to Ways To Serve. This will provide you with a list of serving opportunities that will allow you to deepen your faith and your connection with your fellow Church Family members.

Join a Group

Your are warmly invited to join us in expanding your faith by joining a group within our church community. Groups are an integral part of our church family, providing a space for fellowship, growth, and support. They offer an opportunity to connect with others who share similar interests, passions, or life stages. Whether you’re new to the church or have been a member for years, joining a group can deepen your sense of belonging and enrich your spiritual journey.

From Bible study and prayer groups to community service and social gatherings, there is something for everyone. These groups provide a nurturing environment where we can learn, share, and grow together in our faith. For a full list of groups available to you, download our App [link] and go to Groups. By using the app you can communicate directly with one of the various group leaders and find out more. We believe that by joining a group, you will not only deepen your relationship with God but also forge lifelong friendships and find a sense of purpose within our church community. Together, we can grow in our faith, support one another, and make a positive impact in our church and beyond.We invite you to prayerfully consider this invitation to join a group and take the next step in your spiritual journey.